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By Michael Hepworth

For those of us who are paid to drink this stuff, and for others who hang out at the hippest and trendiest bars and hotels in the world, we get the chance to try the best.UíLuvka Vodka from Poland launched in England in 2005.  Since its debut in New York in January 2007, the buzz about this classy looking drink has been extremely positive.  This regal Vodka comes from rye, barley and wheat and is distilled three times, and is supposed to be drunk in legless glasses, an old Polish royal tradition dating back to the reign of King Sigismund 111.

If there were awards just for the packaging then UíLuvka would win many, but they have also won 3 Gold Medal awards in their short existence. The bottle is designed and inspired by receiving vessels used by alchemists in the 15th century. The vodka itself is known in particular as one that that you can drink at room temperature, and other experts have virtually run out of superlatives to describe the taste, maybe because they use deep well water in the manufacturing process.  UíLuvka goes for a retail price of $59.95, but if you shop around a bit you can possibly find it for as low as $38.49 on the internet, and that is a real bargain.


Signature Martini:The White Lion

100 ml UíLuvka Vodka

10ml Dry Vermouth


Stir Vermouth onto the ice and then discard

Add vodka and stir 15 times until chilled

Strain into a frozen martini glass



website: www.uluvka.com


























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