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By Michael Hepworth

A highly touted Vodka from Kazakhstan which is distilled five times has arrived to the States.   Snow Queen Vodka  was recently awarded the Top Vodka medal at the recent 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Kazakhstan is the ninth largest country by land area in the world, and the sixth largest producer of grain.

Snow Queen uses organic wheat and artisan spring water, and employs a five time distillation process using Kazakh birch charcoal. No flavoring is used in this Vodka, because Vodka is drunk neat all over Kazakhstan . In fact, this Vodka is so classy that it has its own ice bucket to keep it ice cold. In the refining process, all water impurities like calcium and magnesium salts are removed, followed by a reverse sand filtering process ending up with a smooth clear water base.

Snow Queen is relatively new in the crowded market having launched in Chicago in 2006, and a recent major push in California , Colorado and elsewhere can only improve the profile of what seems a legitimate challenger to the likes of Grey Goose, Belvedere, Ketel One, Level and many others.

The celebrity quota is heavy, and following the launch in London . such well known imbibers as Mick Jagger, Paul McCartney, Victoria Beckham and Princes William and Harry all started drinking the stuff. Packaging is superb, and industry insiders have told me that the company is strongly capitalized and can take on the likes of Grey Goose with the kind of financial muscle you need to get your product on the shelves.  Overall opinion is that of a very smooth vodka, thanks to the elaborate distillation process, worthy of the plaudits and awards it has garnished since entering the marketplace




Ginger Leaf

1.7 oz Snow Queen

8 leaves fresh basil

1 lime wedge

2 bar spoons-white sugar

Dash ginger cordial

Dash-soda water


Put sprig of thyme and rosemary in bottle of Snow Queen. Leave at room temperature for 5 days. Strain into empty bottle and keep in fridge.  Put basil, lime, sugar in tall glass and muddle all ingredients. Add crushed ice, pour in Snow Queen. Add ginger, top up with soda water. Stir vigorously and garnish w/rosemary.



Website: www.snowqueenvodka.com


Cost: $27.99  (Retail for 750 ml bottle)

























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