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By Michael Hepworth

Right Gin is a relatively high end drink imported from Sweden that is now set to launch in Los Angeles and Miami this month. Priced at $40 a bottle, the drink was created by W.L.Lyons Brown, a descendant of the family that owns Jack Daniels and Southern Comfort. The brand launched in 2007 big time at the Gwen Stefani concert after party in Las Vegas, and is being clearly marketed at the under-30 crowd, not a group that you can really associate with Gin. Gin has always had that old timer stigma partly because of the association of the drink with people like the Queen Mother and Princess Margaret who both used to like to down a few, but after a hard day at the office or elsewhere there is nothing quite like a good old gin and tonic.

The reason that Right Gin is quite expensive is the extensive manufacturing process that incorporates 8 botanicals from six countries and three islands, and the fact that each is distilled individually. The grain base is corn, and only the softest Swedish water is used, and the result is a very smooth and slightly sweet tasting drink that is perfect for martini’s. Unlike a lot of other gin’s that can leave a heavy, oily aftertaste, the promoters of Right Gin point to the good work that the Master Blender did in getting Right Gin just perfect.

It is a smooth drink, and the best Gin I have tasted since hanging out with the master distiller from Plymouth Gin in England. The blender clearly has done a good job blending the botanicals through his travels and research in London, Stockholm, Chicago and eventually Las Vegas. You just know that the celebrities in Los Angeles and Miami are going to flock to this gin like ducks in a pond, and why not, because it reeks of quality and is a most welcome addition to the gin family. Why should Vodka have all the fun anyway?

Check out the web-site by the way as it is one of the most interesting liquor sites we have seen in a long time.

Website: www.rightgin.com


Cocktail Recipes We Like:

Thyme Appletini

1 ½ oz Right Gin                               

 ½ oz Green Apple Schnapps

2 oz Fresh Schnapps

Fresh Thyme garnish


Lychee Cucumber Martini

1 ¼ oz Right Gin

¾ oz    Soho Lychee Liquor    1

1 oz Rose Nectar Juice  

¾ oz Fresh Sour

Fresh Cucumber Garnish                         



















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