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By Michael Hepworth

Sunset Restaurant in Zuma Beach, despite having missed regulars Pamela Anderson and Pierce Brosnan on each of my visits there. The restaurant admittedly has gone few a number of changes in the kitchen and with management, but the atmosphere and ambience has remained one of extreme friendliness. The locals continue to come to try items on the extensive but not overwhelming menu.

The Sunset is rather a secluded spot nestled between Zuma Cliffs and Zuma beach, creating a real relaxing vibe, and also rather a romantic spot. The two story building has a busy bar on the ground floor, and the restaurant is located upstairs. On weekends they have live music in the bar, but the sounds do float up rather easily. The band however sounded pretty good, playing rock hits from a lot of well known British bands in particular, so if you prefer to dine in quiet, make sure you get there early.

The chef in charge now is Guy Vasquez from the Pacific Northwest , and his specialty is Salmon, a dish he likes to prepare pan roasted, and accompanied very creatively I might add with catalini beans, cranberry beans, romano beans, carrot, foccacia toast point and lemon. Coming from a bistro background, the chef has quietly steered the focus of the Sunset Restaurant, and the combination of the salmon dish is a prime example of what really works, and at $20, great value as well.

Before this however I would recommend the Braised Lamb Stuffed Piquillos ($9) in a sherry vinegar and smoked paprika, a very different style of appetizer. Piquillo’s are a small red pepper, not spicy at all, and a perfect complement to the lamb which is cooked for six hours. Salads here are also creative, with the Roasted Carrot Salad ($10) with orange, marcona almonds, red endive all in a lively citrus vinaigrette. The Aragula Salad ($12) was just as vibrant, and includes roasted beets, pink lady apples, Humboldt fog, pickled red onion all soaked in apple cider vinaigrette.

The restaurant is also open for lunch on Friday, and for Brunch on Saturday and Sunday 11am to 3pm . A comprehensive menu just as varied as the regular dinner menu features oysters on the half shell, shrimp, king crab and much more. The fact that the Sunset Restaurant is a regular stop off for many Santa Monica Farmers Market vendors on their way home ensures the freshest produce is always served here.


Fact Sheet

Address: 6500 Westward beach road, Malibu , CA 90265

Phone: (310) 589-1007

Valet Parking: $3

Closed Mondays.



























































































































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