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By Michael Hepworth

Yes this new restaurant right next to the busy Beverly Center wants you to come in and try their gourmet sausages, just like the foodies in Atwater Village at Link and Hops. Link restaurant also has a full license, so the cocktail offerings are equally important here. Décor wise, the spot is full of bench like tables but it s quite tastefully done and comfortable enough and a pleasant ambiance.  The menu is very hard to read however unless you have the eyes of a five year-old, but the owner promised that that would be one of the first changes they will be making.

When it comes to the links, all the sausages are made in house an served within a couple of days, athough they can remain fresh enough in the freezer without losing too much of their flavor for up to seven days.  All the links are served on a soft roll, and the signature links are pork, turkey and chicken. They are served with a mixture of topping and relishes such as caramelized onions, beer mustard, pickled red onions, arugula and curry aioli.  The French fries were crisp enough for my specialized taste and the sizzling brussel sprouts were also a side you should definitely order, and the beer pairings went down well as well.

Speaking of beer, the menu contains only California draft, canned or the bottled variety, with stalwarts such as Firestone, Ballast Point, Anchor, Modern Times and Lost Abbey.  They also wanted me to taste their tacos both priced at $9.  The ‘Mission’ is a crumbled chicken link creation w/onions, cilantro and salsa verde, and ‘Death Valley’ is a crumbled pork chorizo link with sliced jalapenos, pickled red onions and sriracha aioli.  Both tacos are served on triple corn tortillas which ensures that the whole thing will not fall apart before your very eyes.  In fact, if you are ever served a taco at a non-fast food place elsewhere with just a single tortilla, send it back and demand an extra one.

Links are also used in the Flats which are served on a crispy flatbread and also reasonably priced at $9 except the $12 Central Coast version which is crumbled turkey link with ginger and sesame, mozzarella, cilantro & hoisin bbq, sliced jalapeno, and pickled banh mi vegetables.  You can build your own link with a choice of meat, two toppings and choice of sauce for a Joke price of $8, and then end your inexpensive night out with an artisan ice-cream sandwich provided by the ubiquitous Coolhaus-L.A. 

Check out their web site for the constantly changing “LINK” OF THE DAY.

Address: 8486 W. 3rd Street, West Hollywood

Website: www.eatatlink.com

Hours: Monday-Friday-12:00 pm to 11:00 pm. Open 11:00 AM Saturday/Sunday

Parking at Beverly Center-validated



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