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By Albert Hayashi


The cultural diversity and richness found in Los Angeles has resulted in the growth of hundreds of new ethnic restaurants and eating establishments. The cornucopia of great new diners and restaurants has to include the latest Cuban restaurant to open, La Bodeguita de Pico.  The restaurant located on Pico Blvd between La Brea and Fairfax has its historical roots in the famous La Bodeguita Del Medio in Old Havana, Cuba.  Situated in the middle of the block away from the busy corner intersections, in 1942 Angel Martinez-Borroto opened a little bodega restaurant in his home where he opened his arms to the most famous Cuban Artists of the time and the world’s jet set.  

Danay, a Cuban American Actress and wife of owner Blair Yuen grew up in and around this famous Havana restaurant where her uncle and other relatives worked for many years.  After their arrival to Los Angeles , Danay and Blair searched all over Los Angeles hoping to find food which reflected what really was being prepared in Cuban kitchens.  Unable to find any real authentic local Cuban food, the idea for La Bodeguita De Pico began. 

Upon entering the restaurant, I was seated at the front where I immediately felt the energy of the restaurant.  The remodeled multi-level restaurant slowly opens up in a clockwise direction as guests move through the building.  The main dining area of La Bodeguita (literally translated “little warehouse) transitions to an elevated bar and private dining rooms as you move toward the back of the establishment.  The bodeguita continues to expand upward where the owner plans to offer a cigar lounge early next year. 

Drawing on its humble Havana beginnings, La Bodeguita De Pico serves authentic Arroz Blanco, Manitas de Puerco Pritas, Moros and Cristanos. The tostones rellenos with plantano verde and camarones empanadas appetizers are exceptionally good and complement the rest of the entrees.   Entrees are moderately priced from $8-$15 and dinner for two with one glass of wine will run about $50.00.  There is a children’s menu where all entrees are priced at $6.00. 

Fact Sheet:


Address:           5047 West Pico Blvd. Los Angeles,

                             California, 90019


Phone: 1-323-937-CUBA























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