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By Michael Hepworth

With almost 1100 different brands of Tequila now on the market, it seems appropriate that there is now one especially geared towards  the girls. TUKYS Tequila, a new company formed in the party capital of Las Vegas fits that profile, and the flavored drink is more like a liqueur than a spirit, coming in five tropical flavors.  The Tequila itself comes from the Jalisco region of Mexico , and the target market is females aged 21-35, and in particular those that like a drink with a lower alcohol content and tropical party flavor.

I clearly preferred the Vanilla Coffee, opaque brown colored with a distinct and sweet agave nose, and imbued with lightly roasted Blue Mountain coffee. Other drinks in the collection are Kiwi-Strawberry which has a tropical punch aroma to it, and the orange colored Mandarin Orange drink has a nice blend of  tart and sweet flavors. Watermelon has a transparent ruby red look to it and is moderately sweet, while the Lemon-Lime drink is best suited for shots and margaritas. This is clearly a product that will benefit from some creative in-house marketing at a never ending range of outlets where thirsty young women congregate, but serious tequila drinkers will have minimal interest in this drink.

They also advise to serve the drink on the rocks to get the real taste, so whatever your taste, TUKYS is a different style of drink to bring to the already crowded market place. We wish them well.  Cocktails we like (with Swank Martini Glasses of course) include:

Cucuracha 11


1 part Tukys Coffee Tequila

1 part Kalhua

1 part Coke

Add to shot glass, slam, drink immediately




1 oz Tukys Lime Tequila

3 oz  Pineapple Juice

Sprite/7 UP

tsp Grenadine

In shaker, half filled w/ice cubes, combine, shake well, strain into cocktail glass




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