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By Michael Hepworth

I have recently come across a new tequila that is really different and superb that I predict will have people talking about it for some time to come. Trago Tequila is brand new on the market, but already it has made inroads into the competitive world of expensive liquor that seems to be taking over the liquor industry. Distilled initially through copper and then through stainless steel, Trego.  Trago means “taste” or “sip” in Spanish, and is distilled at Los Alambiques by Felipe Camarena, son of Don Felipe, widely known as the “Father of Tequila.” Los Alambiques is currently producing 100% Webber blue agave tequila with superb consistency, thanks to the quality of the soil in the “Altos de Jalisco” region of Mexico .

Trago Tequila comes in three different styles, Trago Silver, Trago Reposado and Trago Anejo. All three styles are super smooth, but I really liked the Trago Reposado that is golden yellow in color. This tequila is rested for four months in American oak barrels to smooth the flavor, and the sweet taste comes from the subtle tones of vanilla and caramel imparted by the oak casks.  Trago Silver is crystal clear with a spicy, smoky taste with a trace of pepper, citrus, mint and herbs. Trago anejo on the other hand is aged for 18 months in used American bourbon barrels, giving it a rich amber color. Again hints of vanilla, maple and almond give this tequila a great aftertaste, and it is recommended that you drink this neat in a snifter.

All three tequilas won gold or silver medals at the 2007 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, not bad for a first time competitor. It is already being asked for at some of the hottest and trendiest restaurants in town such as Element and Les Deux. Already many Hollywood types have latched on to the drink, but I can honestly say this is one hip trend that backs up the hype in a big way.  Beware however, after drinking this stuff, you will never want to return to the cheap $10 mass produced stuff seen at the supermarket.


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