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By Michael Hepworth

This is an unusual idea to write about Vodka and Tequila in the same article, but in the case of Tommy Guns, we are making an exception. If you thought Al Capone was dead then think again, he is alive and well in the spirit of these two drinks out of Chicago emanating from Al Capone’s Hideaway and Steakhouse.  Actually the home of this unique marketing concept is St.Charles, Illinois, a suburb about 35 miles west of Chicago. The brainchild of entrepreneur Bill Brooks, a graduate of NIU, the concept of Tommy Guns took three years of planning to bring to fruition. Most of that time must have been spent figuring out how to get the bottle which is 19’’ tall manufactured. A glass foundry was found in Italy, and the results are spectacular.

Both bottles take the shape of the original Thompson Tommy Gun, and a real collector’s item. The company (Roaring 20’s) makes no qualms about pushing Capone and his cohorts like Frank “The Enforcer” Nitti and “Machine Gun” Jack McGurn in the marketing and promotion, and has even named Martini’s after them. Yes Capone was a thug and a gangster, but for thirteen years he gave the people the booze they craved for, and his patrons would have loved this liquid creation.  The Vodka is rye based, and is actually imported from a small distillery in Poland where it is distilled four times and it is very easy on the palate. The vodka is now available on Army and Air Force bases, and seems an appropriate choice for military types who no doubt get a real buzz from the bottle design.  The overall impression is of vodka that is very smooth and cool, and one that is also perfect for such drinks as a Vodka Tonic and especially the Bloody Mary with lots of Lea and Perrin’s sauce.

The tequila is also very good and is 100% Agave Reposado and is imported directly from Jalisco. Coming in a bright red bottle this is a brand new venture, and although the bottle shape may be politically incorrect given what is happening in Mexico right now, the drink itself is terrific. Tommy Guns vodka and tequila is primarily available in Chicago and throughout Illinois , as well as 13 other states. Best option however is probably purchasing online through a distributor. A normal bottle of the vodka for example will be about $25 and $50 if you prefer the Machine Gun version. Trust me, your friends will be impressed.



Scarface Al Capone Martini

Tommyguns vodka, Chilled Espresso, Cognac and Kahlua


Frank “The Enforcer” Nitti Martini

Tommyguns vodka, Godiva White Chocolate, Lemoncello, Rum and topped with chocolate shavings


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