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By Michael Hepworth

This is a Vodka that hails from Austria , and at press time had not even hit the shelves in the USA . It should start showing up around January 2009 in the hippest and trendiest of bars and restaurants, where even jaded bartenders and mixologists who have seen and tasted everything are likely to be impressed.

Our prediction however is it will be a smash hit, with its smooth taste coming partly from the six times distillation process. Using the water in the Austrian Alps has to be one of the reasons this Vodka is outstanding.  Combined with the finest quality wheat, low sugar level and slight increase of alcohol content is the key to Puriste.

Early indications from the few events the Los Angeles based distributors have promoted and through the grapevine “word of mouth” this vodka is perfect for sipping by itself, and even better in cocktails. The subtle marketing might be the smart way for the distributors to get  the word out, combined with select events and promotions in an already saturated market.

The price of $45 may be a bit steep compared to the Grey Goose’s and Kettle One’s of this world, but people will pay for this kind of quality. The awards that Puriste have won are starting to pile up, and the Vodka is always included in the Top 5 or Top 10 lists at all these spirit shows. In fact the reason I heard about it was the Double Gold Medal that Puriste won at the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition, and I have been assured that they will be back to defend their title.

The Vodka was created by Alois Kracher after constant experimentation and tastings a few years ago, but he sadly passed away in December 2007, and now his son Gerhard has taken over the day to day running of the company. The bottle itself is very classy and typically understated European, and sums up the quality and appeal of this terrific Vodka.

Website: www.puriste.com


































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