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By Michael Hepworth

In the never ending quest to find new Vodka’s to try, I was lucky to come across Karlssons Vodka from Sweden , and although the price of $40 might turn a few people off, it warrants checking out. The vodka has a smooth peppery taste, and is of obvious quality, and one that I think is a must try despite the lofty price to the average consumer.  Karlssons Gold is made from virgin potato, and the taste indicates a touch of pepper, which is common in old Russia when a dash of pepper was added to the vodka to spice it up a bit. A virgin potato is one without a skin, and these ones come from Cape Bjare, at the southern tip of the country, and seven different potatoes have been blended together to make this premium vodka.

The vodka was launched in September 2007, and was created by Master Blender Borje Karlssons, the man known as “the Father of Absolut.”  The law in Sweden was changed in 1980 to allow Vodka to be made from grain, but Karlssons has gone back to the roots. Every spring the Swedes come out of their long gloomy winter, and anxiously await the new potato crop, just like the French get as excited about grapes.  To quote Karlssons about his new project, “I have always wanted to honor Sweden ’s vodka heritage, by creating a classic potato vodka. Using the finest potatoes from Cape Bjare , I have been able to honor both my homeland’s vodka heritage and that of its superb potato farmers.”

Such is the quality of the potato in Cape Bjare , that this Vodka is only distilled once, a rare thing in today’s market. A cold climate slows the growth of the potato, allowing it to absorb more minerals, and maybe that is the reason why Karlssons Gold tastes minty, herbal as well as peppery. Whatever the taste, it certainly lingers in the mouth after a martini, or even on the rocks.  The bottle is kind of neat as well, and was designed by Hans Brindfors. The bottle is shaped like a potato, with gold potato images on the backside, and is created at the Sant-Gobain factory in France .

Retail Price is $39.99 and currently available in New York , Las Vegas , Atlanta and online retailers.

Website: www.karlssonsvodka.com


























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