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By Michael Hepworth

The latest gin from Tanqueray is called Rangpur Distilled Gin that is distilled with rare Rangpur limes for a gin taste more subtle than the usual variety. Expect an aggressive advertising campaign featuring the rather smarmy English bon vivant Tony Sinclair, which is appropriate considering that the English learned to smooth the edges of their gin with a squeeze of fresh Rangpur lime during their time colonizing India. The limes are native to India and resemble a tangerine in color, shape and size, but characterized by the juiciness of an orange with a zestiness of the lime.

It is a pretty smooth gin that is also enhanced by the addition of juniper,coriander,bay leaf and ginger in the distilling process, and only the freshest of juniper berries are selected by the distiller (which means about 4%). Imported British gins are all the rage right now, and in the last 12 months, sales have risen 5.9% thanks in part to new flavors, activity in the high end market, and of course Tony Sinclair. A lot of research and testing went into this new gin according to the marketing gurus at Diageo, NA, the owners of the brand.

The alcohol count is a healthy 41.3% volume (82.6% proof), and a 750ml bottle will retail for $21.99. Tanqueray London Gin debuted in Bloomsbury, London, in 1830, and has long been a staple for gin lovers, and the Tanqueray No Ten Gin debuted in 1991 and is used primarily for the martini. The distilling operation for the new gin is a unique four step process, and it is the fourth stage when the limes and botanicals are added to the neutral grain alcohol in a separate copper still.

Watch Tony Sinclair’s adventure to search for the perfect Rangpur lime at www.globeprobe.com

Cocktail Suggestions
Rangpur Cran
1.5 oz Tanqueray Rangpur
3oz Cranberry Juice and stir
Serve over ice and garnish with lime wedge
Rangpur Ginger
1.5oz Tanqueray Rangpur
Pour into highball glass w/ice
Top up w/ginger ale
Add two drops of bitters


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