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By Albert Hayashi and Michael Hepworth

Here is yet another new entrant to the premium Tequila market, and judging by the packaging of  Don Tepo they are going for the traditional tequila market. Even the production methods are old school with the agave methodically placed and slow baked in earthen ovens to ensure that the distinct agave flavor is retained. The old school packaging is augmented by the hand blown bottles, and the hand fitted wood corks.

Although Don Tepo is only currently available in California and Washington DC , there are plans to launch soon in Nevada , Florida and Texas . They have got off to a good start with the experts with a Double Gold Award for the Anejo at the San Francisco Spirits show in 2008, and more recently a gold for the Anejo and Blanco at the San Diego Spirits of Mexico show.

All this is very impressive, but the real way to check out the impact of a new Tequila is to talk to the people who drink it, so here is how we really saw the value of Don Tepo- Over the holidays during All Saints Day (Halloween), we took over for the regular cantineros (bartenders) and were able to serve the new and exciting Don Tepo brand. We received first hand feedback on the blanco, reposado and anejo from those attending the party.

We served the various types of tequila in small sniffer glasses, but later used tall shot glasses. In addition, we mixed the tequila with a number of Margarita mixes. The first impression of this new tequila was positive, with a number of guests asking for seconds.  We mixed in some sangrita as a chaser to the tequila to cleanse the palette between drinks.

Someone dressed as a Sarah Palin look-alike told us they preferred the smooth aged taste of the Don Tepo anejo, while a Michael Jackson wannabee (is he still popular?) returned to the bar for a few rounds of the blanco. Our personal approach to drinking Don Tepo tequila over the course of a long evening would be to start with the pure blue agave anejo or reposado tequila in a tall shot glass followed by a shot of lime. Then finally, make a paloma (w/squirt) or margarita with the blanco over ice.

Selected Cocktail- Don Bomba

1 oz   Don Tepo Tequila

oz      Cointreau

1 oz   Pineapple Juice

1 oz   Orange Juice

2 dash   Grenadine

Shake all ingredients except grenadine with ice briskly. Pour into sugar rimmed cocktail glass. Add grenadine and garnish with a lime wedge.

Website: www.dontepotequila.com

































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