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Boomerang Vodka Hits the Target

By Michael Hepworth

What do kangaroos, Ayers rock and Foster’s beer, and Chris Williams have in common?  They are all from Australia of course.   Who might you say is Chris Williams? He is from the land “down under” and owner of the Wattle Creek Winery where he has developed a new fresh tasting vodka from a special blend of grapes grown in Sonoma, California Boomerang Vodka is a light clear refreshing vodka distributed through Foster’s Wine Estates.  With the boomerang lightly clipping the leaves of a tree whose branches house birds, releasing the birds to fly toward the thrower; drinkers are migrating toward bartenders as they make an apple and pomegranate martinis from Boomerang. Boomerang is good alone with splash of vermouth or mixed with various fruit elixirs for the softer palette. 

Chris has spent many years creating the perfect vodka grape seed.  With the perfect climate of the Sonoma/Napa County areas of Northern California , the gentle flavor of the grape is released through the vodka.  "The Russians are Coming, The Russians are Coming?" No, try the Australians are Coming.  As an international global economy, there are no such things as borders anymore.  A traditional Russian hard liquor grown in Northern California by an Australian national.  It was a natural result of the popularity of vodka with the great climate of Northern California with the ingenuity and love of spirits of the Australians which lead to the “United Nations” of vodkas. 

Imagine a sommelier, mixologist or bartender trying to figure out where this vodka came from and what year.  Four of my siblings have married individuals outside their race, resulting in beautiful “model quality” nieces and nephews who are excelling in athletics, beauty pageant models and academically.  Same thing happens with Boomerang.  The best characteristics of various cultures are blended together creating a smooth rich light liquor which not only taste good blended but also alone with the undiluted flavors and aromas of the natural vodka. 

If you are stuck in the rut of always asking for Kettle One and Grey Goose, I believe you will be pleasantly surprise with Boomerang.   I know you will not feel you have done a “Dirty Deed” (AC/DC) by drinking this drink rather, you may find yourself  “Hopelessly Devoted” (Olivia Newton John) to Boomerang after partaking in this wonderful elixir with the very unique bottling style.  Almost forgot, Don’t forget to put another “Shrimp on the Barbee”……..

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