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By Michael Hepworth

The Rum market continues to catch up with the Vodka industry with the introduction of flavored rums to the market, and I just tried the brand new Bacardi Torched Cherry Rum priced at only $13.99 from the Puerto Rican rum dynasty. Following hot on the heels of other Bacardi flavored rums such as Dragon Berry and Bacardi Limon, it is a trend that refuses to slow down. It must be a lot of fun for the researchers and chemists to start a concept like this, and nine months later see the product hit the supermarket liquor shelves. This latest entrant to the market features Torch Plant aloe, a nectar rich ingredient indigenous to South Africa. It pairs perfectly with Barbados cherries, also known as Acerola, a fruit gaining in popularity thanks to its versatility and robust flavor. The packaging is also likely to stand out on the shelves, and with the summer months now upon us, sales are likely to be robust.


The success of the Dragon Berry last year prompted this new drink, that mixes exceptionally well with Coca-Cola, as well as lemonade to create a fun cocktail. Other cocktails that work well with the Torched Cherry are the Pom Berry where the rum is paired with pomegranate syrup and garnished with a sugar rim. Also, the Cherry Storm combines pineapple and cranberry juice, and the Burnt Berry utilizes pomegranate juice and Sprite and is garnished with a maraschino cherry.  The Bacardi marketing people have not wasted much time getting focused on the social media explosion, and consumers can tap into their IPod and ITunes devices to get recipes and cocktails and a lot more. If you text 65579 on your phone with the subject TORCH, you receive a new Bacardi Torched Cherry recipe on a monthly basis for twelve months. Also new from the Bacardi Dynasty is Daiquiri pre-mixed cocktail ($19.99 per bottle) made with Bacardi Superior Rum. Just pour it straight out of the bottle over ice, add a strawberry and you have the perfect summer drink.


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