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By Michael Hepworth

Where can you find good weather, beautiful people, rock roll music with no crowds- how about the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego.  In the past, it was baseball, apple pie and Chevrolet.  Today its baseball, apple martini and crème brulee.  Nestled at the entrance to the Gas Lamp District across from the Convention Center and near the new professional baseball field Petco Park, I felt like I was part of the new fabric of the new downtown scene.  It had been a few years since I was in the downtown part of San Diego and to my surprise had it changed!  New hotels, restaurants, shops and hundreds of new urban living condominiums.  I always enjoyed going to conferences at the Convention Center and stay on the waterfront Marriot, but I always felt a bit isolated and away from "the Gaslamp scene".  

While still easily accessible to all the cool clubs and restaurants, the owners of the Hard Rock Hotel were able to secure a prime plot of land at the end of Sixth Street.  While still being able to walk to the boutique shops and trendy bars in a New York second, I was able to peacefully sleep at night going to bed to the sounds of seals and ocean waves breaking onto the seashell laced shoreline.  You will get a lot of “Satisfaction” seeing all the Rolling Stone memorabilia.  In fact, this Hard Rock Hotel has one of the largest collection of Rolling Stone artifacts.  From the white Fender Stratocaster and bass guitars of Keith Richards and Bill Wyman to Charlie Watts Gretsch Drum Set, you can almost hear the guitar riffs of "Honky Tonk Woman" and "Jumpin Jack Flash".  In addition, Captain Fantastic and the Rocket Man is still being kept alive with Elton John’s famous Alladin costume used on his many tours.  

Even with the slight downturn in the economy, there seemed to be a constant flow of guests checking in and out of the hotel.  Although I was there on a weekend, the hotel staff made me feel special and unique providing a very special experience with a certain je nais se qua.  With opening day for baseball fast approaching, I would make certainly consider booking a room at the Hard Rock Hotel and catching a game. After your short walk over to Petco Park, imagine yourself  on a cool summer evening with the scent of the ocean nearby, feasting on a hot dog, peanuts and a cold beer, watching the San Diego Padres play.  Rather than directly hugging the shore and walking directly back to the hotel, I would purposely try to take the long way home through the side roads leading to the Gas Lamp District.  Spend a few hours getting lost in the District hearing various music genres coming from the restaurants and clubs.  While you feast on food from around the world, make sure you find the time to have a night cap listening to the sounds reggae from the Caribbean and the blues from Chicago all just a hop, skip and jump away from the Hard Rock Hotel, San Diego.

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