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By Christina Cha


We all know tanning beds are so bad for your skin.  Studies have shown that the continuous usage of tanning beds before the age of 35 can increase your chance of developing skin cancer (Dr. Barry Lycka, President, Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation). However using an alternative solution such as a mystic or sunless spray tan can help one achieve that sexy bronzy glow without the damage of the UV rays.  But the problem with mystic tans and other sunless tanning solutions is that they mostly use harmful chemical products that are not natural for your body and are not environmental friendly. In addition, it leaves that undesirable chemical bleach-like scent along with uneven blotchy orange color on your skin.

So how does one avoid looking like a disastrous fifth grade science experiment project and yet able to achieve that true sexy California sun-kiss glow? Itís simple, really. Why not use an all natural base product derived from walnut extracts and sugar cane. Sugar Rays Natural Airbrush Tanning is an all-natural airbrush tanning boutique located in Hermosa Beach , California . It is Hermosa Beach ís first eco-tanning boutique. Hermosa Beach , known to be big party beach town is now evolving as one of California ís sustainable green cities. The city now opens more eco-friendly businesses within the area such as Planet Earth Cafť, Gum Tree Cafť, Mani Pedi Cutie, OrganiClean, The Spot Restaurants, and Sugar Rays Natural Airbrush Tanning. 

Sugar Rays Natural Airbrush Tanning specializes in an all natural UV FREE airbrush spray tan.  Dedicated to the exclusive art and science of sunless tanning, Sugar Rays Tanningís boutique is a private, discreet, and a luxurious intimate environment providing their clients exclusive customer service. This eco-chic tanning boutique is not only committed in providing non-toxic ingredients to their clients, but most of their products also include anti-aging solutions enhanced with an all natural antioxidants and pure botanicals like DHA (Omega-3), Aloe,  and Vitamin E to help nourish and hydrate your skin. At Sugar Rays Tanning boutique, you will be greeted by a certified tanning technician that is professionally trained to apply flawless customized airbrush spray tan. This helps avoid any streaks, patchiness and can be easily blend in unwanted tan lines to even out any skin tones. The best part is that solutions do not stain after you shower and itís orange-free and odorless.

The process is effortless and fast.  All one needs to do is come in with clean skin, with no lotion or moisturizer on their skin. This allows the tanning solution to apply successfully onto your skin and it also helps the longevity of the tan. The client has the choice to come in with swim suit (preferably dark color, either black or brown suit because the solution will stain on lighter color cloth) or to use the disposable recyclable undergarment, provided by Sugar Rays. The tanning airbrush technician will apply the natural sunless tanning solution onto your body one stroke at a time to insure a clean and even tan. Then allow the tan to set onto to the skin for about 10 to 15 minute to dry. After that, youíre ready to put on your clothes and go on with your day. Itís fast, simple, and convenient. 

So what makes Sugar Rays Tanning different from all the other airbrush tanning places? Well, first off, the tanning studio gives a very intimate boutique feel to it.  The environment brings a very luxury and relaxed ambiance. Inside the store you will notice most of the products sold in the boutique are either all natural or organic beauty products. The eco-chic theme follows throughout the whole tanning boutique. The quality of the equipment is state-of-the-art airbrush tanning technology called Infinity Sun (www.infinitysun.com). Infinity Sun, known as the highest quality skincare products with all-natural, anti-aging sunless tanning blends, also caters Infinity Sun's Celebrity clientele includes: Brooke Burke, winner of "Dancing With the Stars", Jessica Alba, Giselle BŁndchen , Brittany Spears, Paula Abdul, Adrien Grenier, Lindsay Lohan, David Beckham and many more. In addition to being featured prominently on the hit TV show Sunset Tan, Infinity Sun can be seen on Millionaire Matchmaker, Entourage, The Style Network's "Style Scenes", E! Entertainment's Academy awards "48 hour make-over", Dr 90210, and many other TV shows! Itís Hollywood ís great secret in looking fabulous and chic.

So when you are ready to take that destination trip to that desirable island, donít panic because youíre looking a bit albino. One airbrush session is equivalent to eight tanning session at a tanning bed.  Itís recommended not shower within the next eight hours and to always moisturize after showing. For best results and longer last of the tan, try coco or shea butter body cream.  That will keep the tan for up to 10 to 12 days. When the tan begins to fade, make sure you exfoliate your skin with a natural sugar or sea salt scrub. Hermosa Beach First Eco-Tanning Boutique can be found right on corner off of Pier Avenue and Hermosa Avenue (right next to Zaneís Restaurant). Itís called Sugar Rays Natural Airbrush Tanningģ. Come visit and experience a much natural, cleaner, sexier, healthier sunless tan.

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Address:         1136 Hermosa Avenue ,

Hermosa Beach , CA 90254

Phone:                         310-372-7766         

Email:                         sugarraystan@gmail






















































































































































































































































































































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