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By Michael Hepworth

Bridging the gap between skin care and cosmetic surgery, a line of products from Australia called SKIN DOCTORS are enthusiastically endorsed at Rich Journey, and although you may have to track them down a bit, it is worth the effort. The company that launched in 1998 has just launched seven new lines focusing on the eye area and on anti-aging in the USA that promise almost immediate results, no idle boast. Doctors down under advise this stuff prior to actually having cosmetic surgery.  Eyecircle is specifically designed to eliminate dark circles, and the secret is Haloxyl, a revolutionary matrikine peptide that improves the firmness and tone of the under-eye area.

Eyesmooth is a Cosmeceutical strength formula cream that reduces the appearance of crow’s feet, creping, and under-eye wrinkling. You will see an immediate tightening effect and long term wrinkle plumping.  Eyetuck is the cream to get to combat under eye bags and puffiness, Use twice a day for about two weeks and you should start to see results. The secret ingredient is Eyeseryl from Europe , an ingredient that helps reduce puffy water pooling under the eyes. The scientists have also included tetrapeptides, apricot-kernel oil and shea butter in this exceptional product.  However, even more effective is the Ingrow Magic, a solution that attacks ingrown hairs with a potent two step action that first cleans out and purifies the affected pores. After that, the exfoliating action goes to work on the dry dead skin to release the trapped hair. This sensational product comes in wipes or a lotion.

Other new products are the Retanew that attacks wrinkles, Superceutical that promises to reduce forehead wrinkles by up to 80% in eight weeks, and Supermoist, a moisturizer that provides 24 hour hydration while adding 450% more moisture in 30 minutes.  Prices for these new products range up to $120 and are available at Ulta Stores, Beauty First, Pure Beauty and selected spas and salons.


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