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By Michael Hepworth

Here is yet another great find to tell the readers about, SAAF Beauty products from the UK . Their line of products is limited at this moment in time, but they are being carried by the online retail outlet Beautorium, and I did get the chance to try the Organic Ultimate Moisture Face Serum ($64.95) and loved the results. This serum is 97.5% Organic and 100% Alcohol free, and the oils are steam distilled. The list of oils is quite extensive but includes Rosehip Fruit Oil, Safflower Seed Oil, Pomegranate Seed Oil, Flower Oil, Geranium Oil and Benzyl. It is also halal and kosher certified, and that is the first time I have ever heard that about any beauty/cosmetic product.

If you suffer at all from anything resembling dry skin that may have sun damage, just put a dab on in the morning and it will keep the face nice and moist. Created by Pharmacologist Dr. Mah Hussain-Gambles and launched in the USA in the summer of 2008, this is stuff that really works.  I also have personal experience that Dr.Hussain-Gambles is also a hands on operating officer, and personally looks into all aspects of production and marketing. Combining ancient knowledge with modern day pharmacology seems to be the secret here, and I am sure the other products in their range are equally as efficient.

That includes Hydrating Face & Lip Balm, Pure Face Cleanser and one particular product (Organic enriching hair oil) for the hair that feature the miraculous Neem Oil from India , perfect for serious scalp conditions. Beautorium itself is an interesting success story in itself, and was started by two British Beauty executives who worked for Boots in England the biggest pharmacy/cosmetics chain by far. Now I know why Saaf is one of their favorite brands they carry, but every product they select is carefully tested. They scour the globe to find products that are truly organic, and in this green climate, seem to have cottoned on to an irreversible trend in the beauty and cosmetics industry.  They even have an advice line prior to selecting any product, and are continually having special promotions that are well worth knowing about .Free samples are included in every order, and for orders over $50, you also get a shopping bag unique to Beautorium in the shipment..

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Websites: www.saafpureskincare.com, www.beautorium.com

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