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By Michael Hepworth

Ramy Beauty Therapy products have a few new interesting items on their roster, including SLEEP IN BEAUTY created by celebrity make up artist Ramy Gafni. Priced at $48 this moisturizer is specially formulated to keep skin moisturized all through the night and is strictly for women only.  Although you might scare your boyfriend a bit by putting on the thick brown crème, it is also available in light and medium. The bottle is also small enough that you have to use it sparingly. The key ingredients are active peptides that smooth rough skin and eliminate redness, Matrixyl that serves as a skin relaxer, and Salicyic Acid that prevents break outs.

Another interesting item from Ramy happens to be the Skin Sticks, which acts as a Concealer, Foundation and Treatment Moisturizer at the same time. Containing Vitamins A, C, E and K along with Rose extract, the Skin Stick just needs to be turned and clicked to work.  The sticks come in four shades and are priced at a competitive $22, and with regular use can even lighten dark under eye circles. The men’s version of these sticks is priced at $24, and with more and more men using make up these days, these sticks are a welcome addition to their ever expanding beauty arsenal.

Also relatively new from Ramy is his Firming Mask and Serum known as YOUTH, specifically created for men Priced at $40, this is a product guaranteed to make the complexion a lot more radiant after just 20 minutes, and this was voted best anti-aging product on the market by the Today Show recently. Ramy products can be purchased at Lord and Taylor, and of course the ubiquitous Sephora. Ramy Gafni is a young personable Israeli beauty expert, and is considered an eyebrow guru at his Murray Hill Shop in New York . With eyebrow shaping becoming a really big thing now (check out Michelle Obama), some of his comments and blogs make interesting reading, especially who he considers to be his two favorite celebrities.

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