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By Michael Hepworth

There is a new player in town in the crowded skin care/anti aging world, and PURSUE from Beverly Hills might just have the legs and stamina to succeed in this constantly evolving market. Nice packaging always helps, and in this case the company comes up a winner. An attractive powder blue look will go well on the shelves of the high end Spa’s the company is selling to, before national and eventually global markets are conquered. Products work both for men and women as well and there is a real buzz about Pursue in the industry.  A lot of time, money and planning have gone into this venture by a gentleman who is not a beauty industry veteran, but who seems to have surrounded himself with a good team.

We have tried some of the products starting with the Facial Cleanser ($80) for an 8oz bottle, quite expensive however compared to similar products. The cost is accentuated by the fact that the main ingredient is an anti-bacterial agent and astringent found in White Oak Amid Bark. No scents or soaps or other caustic materials are used in the cleanser which also uses Sodium dodencylbenzene sulfonate, a straightforward cleaning ingredient. Our researchers agree with the press hype, and have reported very clean skin after use, and it even seems to help with any acne or slight skin imperfections, and it leaves the face clean without any oil or soap residue.

  The Quinta-Peptide Youth Restoration Serum ($95) should be used alongside the Toner ($38) for maximum results. The Serum is loaded with ingredients and is projected to be the kick start in the cellular rejuvenation process.  The list of ingredients used is far too long to list here, but the premise is increase the quota of the prime ones and back it up with a host of others. One of the big ones is Palmitoyl pentapeptide, a powerful anti-wrinkle and density increasing, and this version uses a 20% solution as opposed to the 3% norm.

The Quinta-Peptide Restoration Eye Cream ($89) claims to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and reduces puffiness and improves discolorations and dark circles. It blends in immediately and keeps the eye area hydrated all day if used in the morning. You can also use it around the lips and mouth if wrinkles are starting to appear there, and again initial results after about a months use was encouraging.  The Super K Shave cream ($20) also works for men and women and again you only need a small amount for effective results. Jam packed with 23 ingredients such as Coconut Oil and Vitamins A, E and D, this shave cream contains the formula to provide a perfect amount of glide and lift for the best shave possible.  There are a long list of other Pursue products available, so call them for a catalogue or check them out on the web site.


























































































































































































































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