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By Michael Hepworth

Kerastese hair products from Paris have recently launched a product line called SPECIFIQUE, specialist treatments for people with scalp concerns. It is the first range from Kerastese comprised of three subdivisions, designed to provide solutions for those with dandruff, oily scalp or thinning hair, without compromising the overall condition of the hair.  Kerastese has been around since 1964 and have the advantage of over 2000 researchers available through La Recherche Avancee L’Oreal group of companies. The USA arm is based in Bolingbrook , Illinois , and you can buy any of the Kerastese products online, or directly at one of their participating salons, who are carefully selected. At these salons, a consultant will be able to tell you what Kerastese product is right for your hair type or condition.

We have recently tried a couple of these new shampoos, and can report an excellent response. Not overly cheap at $39, like anything, you get what you pay for although I have seen it as low as $27.95 at selected web sites. It makes the scalp feel refreshed, and you only need to use a little, so a bottle should last a decent amount of time.  The Bain Gommage Antidandruff shampoo comes in two versions, dry and oily scalp, and has as its key ingredient Pyrithione Zinc, a powerful enemy of dandruff. Use this one twice a week if you have a condition. Other prominent ingredients in this smooth and creamy shampoo include cationic polymers, silicone and glycerol.

The Bain Divalent for oily scalp and hair helps absorb excess oils on the scalp, and at the same time balances and nourishes the dry areas of the hair fiber. Main ingredients are vitamin B6 and a cooling agent.  The Bain Densitive GL for thinning hair soothes and calms the scalp, and at the same time adds substance and texture to the hair fiber. The Complex Gluco-Impulsion Shampoo consists primarily of vitamin PP (also known as niacin), mineral molecules and a cooling agent.

Website: www.kerastese.com

Phone: (877)-748-8357



























































































































































































































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