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By Michael Hepworth

This is a new line of skin care products being imported from Sweden that have a secret patented Ingredient called  QA-100. This magic potion has been studied and published by Dr.Harry Beitner of the British Journal of Dermatology. It is a combination of three active anti-ageing ingredients : Lipoic Acid, Acetyl  carnitine and Coenzyme Q10. What you can expect is to start looking as fresh and healthy as a Swedish woman, with the smoothing out of wrinkles and a general youthful  glow to the skin.

All Jabushe products are manufactured and produced at the Macronova AB laboratory in Sundsvall, Sweden. Packaging I typically Scandinavian, light easy on the eye colors and instructions in several languages on the boxes.  The Jabushe 24 hour cream comes in two types-original and soft and is in a 50 ml tube. Both should be used morning and night after a thorough skin cleansing and is a rebuilding anti-aging crème especially for sun damaged skin. It also specializes in minimizing pore size. The Jabushe 24 hour eye cream comes in a smaller size (15 ml). The bigger boxes (125 ml] contain cleansing lotion and facial tonic.

The cleansing lotion contains cucumber extract that moisturizes and balances the skin, peach extract that smooths and lifts the skin and camomile which is well known as a healer of stressed skin. The facial tonic removes traces of impurities and make up and balances the skins PH value. After using the tonic, put on the 24 hour cream. The Jabushe Repairing Overnight Ant-Aging Moisture Mask should be used no more than twice a week and helps to make the skin soft and smooth out fine lines. You apply an even layer on the face after cleansing and leave on for 15 minutes. For maximum effect you can leave it on overnight.

A word here about the clinical testing of this new super ingredient QA-100 at the world renowned Karolinska University Hospital in Stockholm in 2011. Human guinea pigs were given two coded tubes to use on either side of the face with one containing QA-100. The results showed a 51% decrease in wrinkle lines, reduced bags under the eyes and a vigor and freshness to the skin. The results were monitored by four criteria-self evaluation, clinical evaluation, photographic evaluation and laser profilometry.

As a big fan of serums I can’t wait to try the anti-wrinkle serum, and I just hope the 15 ml lasts long enough for me to get a good estimation of its effectiveness.

Website: www.jabushenorthamerica.com, www.jabushe.com








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