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By Michael Hepworth

Internationally acclaimed at salons and spas around the world, Glo Minerals continues to expand the product line, and Hollywood make up artists and celebrities have led the charge. Using vitamins C, A, K, E and green tea extract, the micronized bases are the real secret. The applications last throughout the day giving the skin a vibrant look, also helping the skin perform to its full potential.   The Glo Mineralsí gloSheer tint bases are a super effective foundation base with a hint of color giving the skin a healthy glow. Forget the PR hype, this stuff really works, and Rich Journey has no hesitation in recommending this product. It is especially effective on women of darker skin. The product effectively covers blemishes, providing light coverage, evening out the skin and eliminating intense pigment.

You can either use your fingertips or a foundation brush to apply the tint base, but if you prefer heavier coverage the glo Sheer bases can be layered with gloPressed and gloLoose powders along with gloProtective liquid bases. The bases are available in four shades-beige, golden, honey and natural, and they are also effective in protecting the skin from the sun.  During the dry and cold fall/winter season you need to give your skin a little moisture, so add a little mist to the gloSheer tint base. That will be gloMoist Hydration mist, and you can refresh the skin throughout the day, utilizing the anti-aging benefits that the mist offers.   Glo Minerals is the also the first company to launch a tube-like liquid formula for lips called appropriately, gloLiquid lips, a high shine and ultra moist look. Check the stuff out. We love it and so do our women who use it.  They are always adding new product lines, and the web site offers plenty of make up tips that the Hollywood stars utilize, so why not pick the brains of some of Hollywood ís top make up people.

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