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By Michael Hepworth

I generally do not write about Health Care or Beauty Products, but a company based out of California called CA BOTANA is putting out some super stuff that the readers of Millionaire just have to know about. This company has been around for more than 40 years, and the products are distributed in more than 60 countries, and these are a variety of different small miracle workers that are created from the effects of sea extracts, plants, herbs and vitamins. Blend that with the latest in skin care technology and you have the three product ranges that comprise CA BOTANA-Doctor D.Schwab, Sea Enzyme and Ambrosia Aromatherapy.

Let’s start with a product called Ambrosia Soy Apple Mask, a soothing and rich in vitamins face mask that you use two or three times a week that contain several excellent ingredients to revitalize tired skin. The press release also states that it helps calm irritated skin and repairs damaged tissues. The Sea Enzyme Marine Hand Renew Cream is a thick hand cream that you use at night, and that quickly absorbs into the skin. This cream is infused with European Chamomile combined with Evening Primrose and Lemon Grass. It also smoothes rough skin and lightens pigmentation skin.  For those more concerned with the fight against aging skin, the Dr.Schwab collection of Rosehip Oil Products from the famous Hills Health Ranch in British Columbia. The Rosehip is hand picked at the Ranch on the 20,000 acres of wilderness, and according to head chemist Dr.Dieter Kuster, “I use Rosehip Oil in many of my anti-aging formulations for use on scars, burns, wrinkles, calluses and other skin irregularities.” Dr.Schwab provides ten products that contain Rosehip, including Cell Renewal Night Cream and Day Cream, and the Dr.Schwab Flawless Skin.

Protection from the sun is a big issue with Dr.Schwab products, starting with the Dr.Schwab Parasol Ultra High Protection and Ultra Medium Protection. Featuring Alphasomes C-8 (Nanotechnology and Phospholipids) is one of the best protections you can get for all seasons. They also sell the Dr.Schwab Ginkgo Moist, moisturizer that you put on before the sun screen that includes the cell-renewing AHA (alpha hydroxyl acid).  One of the biggest revelations to come out of CA BOTANA laboratories in recent years has been the emergence of bamboo as a revitalizer for tired skin. The company recently introduced Bamboo Cream Peel under the Dr.Schwab banner, where Ground dried bamboo shoots provide exfoliation and Gommage. Bamboo is particularly good for oily skin, and the water-soluble silicic acid derived from the plant helps correct skin conditions. The Cream Peel should be used once or twice a week, and it also includes jojoba beads and crushed almonds.

A new product just released by CA BOTANA is the rather long winded named Dr.Schwab Ginkgo Lift with Wrinkle Filler where they claim that wrinkles disappear as quickly as ten minutes after use. The skin tightens immediately, and that is because of the presence of Alphasomes, advanced technology that uses Peptides that penetrate deep beneath the skin’s surface. Other ingredients included in this almost magical formula include Sesame, Royal Jelly, Vitamin C and other unnamed ingredients. Put the lift onto cleansed skin every morning to experience long term benefits.

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