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Hand Bags Stitched with the L.A. Names

Los Angeles, the City of the Angels, One of the most exciting cities in the world.  Bringing high hopes and dreams to those that dare to face through all the glitz and glamour.  To the high-society of Bel-Air to hip urban styles of Melrose , these are the most recognized cities and roads that many swarm to travel, longing to experience the “L.A. Life”.  From the infamous streets of Robertson, where the paparazzi lingers and prey with their cameras in hopes to capture that memorable signature shot of Angelina Jolie wearing a Hammitt Los Angeles handbag. 

Handsome Smooths Trying to Crash a Crowded Market

A small company trying to break into the market with a superior product will always have trouble competing with the big boys, so part of our mission statement on rich journey is to alert you to such products.  Handsome Smooths out of Boston are a growing clothing company that has a collection of men’s boxer shorts specially designed for men who like to compete on the fields of play such as golf, a sport that requires etiquette not bravado. 

Wear a Work of Art on Your Wrist

Accessories talk, even when we don’t. JJ Winters of Beverly Hills introduces a new handbag for the discriminating woman. This bag speaks volumes about any woman who carries it. Creative, unique, elegant and secure, the bag tells others you are not the typical elegant lady. 

Who Needs Ruby Slippers?

A magnificent ruby cabochon adorns the center of this drop earring which radiates exotic glamour. Wear them and turn yourself into a walking piece of art. You won’t be able to take your eyes off of them. Designed by Tejani Jewels they have worked wonders with rubies and emeralds.  

Super Feminine Sparkle

Introducing an ornamental jewel-encrusted pendant necklace by Tejani Jewels.  This magnificent semi-precious jewel-encrusted medallion simply mesmerizes with its Bollywood-inspired old-world detail.

Swarovski Adds Zing and Swing

You've got the gorgeous gown, stylish shoes, a fresh manicure and your hair looks fabulous. What more could a stylish woman possibly need?  This crystal-adorned exquisite evening clutch is the ultimate finishing touch a night out on the town. This Swarovski-crystal adorned hard-case miniaudiere by La Regale features a unique asymmetrical oblong shape and a beautiful crystal snap closure that perches atop it.

True Luxury Shopping in London

London is one of three cities in the world that is so unique it is irreplaceable and survives any kind of disaster or setback completely on its own inverted energy and the people who live there according to this scribe. The other two cities I think are New York and Paris, and that means some amazing shopping experiences for the man or woman who has everything.

New Pearls of Wisdom

What began as a fluke pearl purchase while on a layover in Bejing has resulted in a permanent changes to the Pearl industry.  In the past, purchasing retail pearls would take at least an hour and produce an expense strand selected from very few options.

Fashion with a Flair

Working as a wardrobe stylist for almost a dozen years, Jennifer Fisher discovered the impact accessorizing an actress with the appropriate jewelry has on shooting a scene.  She would spend hours going over various combinations of chains and ornaments trying to communicate the Director’s perfect mood and feeling in the shot.  As a stylist preparing the actors and actresses, Ms. Fisher recognized the influence of light, skin tone, clothing color and texture on the story.

Jewelry from the Land of Machu Pichu

Similar to the reasons many European countries including Spain and Portugal decided to colonize much of South America, you too can discover the wonderful pleasures of South American precious stones and adorn yourself with these pieces of elegant jewelry. 









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